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I'm from the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. I was a woodworker for about 12 years. Well, up until I had the rug pulled out from under my feet, and I was laid off. I got back into photography in 2008 and decided to give that a try professionally, but haven't made any money so far because rednecks, white trash, and hicks are cheap. So, I'm working in a local grocery store where some days I hear and see the craziest stuff. I tend to complain a lot about things, but I'm too poor to afford a good therapist. So, I decided to make a blog and complain online to all of you instead. But I digress. I really just wanted to do the blog to share ideas and stories with the interwebz. =D
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ruffled Feathers...


Okay, so the last post got some people good and pissed at me. Am I an a$$hole? Maybe.Yeah...okay. I am. So what? I'm just laying it out as I see it. It's only an opinion - my point of view. And since it's my gear at stake, it's the one that matters at this particular time. Calling me an a$$hole over an e-mail or text message really isn't going to remedy the situation, or help you with your dilemma of needing gear that you don't have.

Here's the deal: I had four photographers of various calibers call, e-mail, and text me over the last two weeks wanting to borrow something or another in different combinations. When I say "various caliber," I mean that they are all good at something or another. Some are landscape people, one's good with kids portraiture, and the other likes shooting the ladies. Two of them were shooting completely out of what they normally shoot. At no point did I mean that they sucked or that they couldn't do the job or anything like that. Of course, a couple took it personally and dumped me on Facebook and Flickr - Two sites I hate already anyway. Big deal.

Are we all so desperate to work in photography that we'll take ANY job that's offered to us? I know I haven't been that way. Yes, I go through some long dry spells without paying work because of it, which is why I have the day job. (And is my reasoning behind the Plan A post.)

The worst part about it is that I can really see how one sided some of my relationships with other photographers have truly been. I've offered up advice or how-to's on countless occasions. I've done meetups and tried showing and teaching what I know at publicly open and pre-announced events.

So folks asked. Again, bear in mind that money is extremely tight in my house right now. In fact, I don't think I can emphasize that enough here. I wasn't about to loan out something I can't possibly afford to lose or have broken right now - AT ALL. If I drop it, and it breaks, it's my loss. I can live with that. But if someone were to borrow something from me and return it broken - Trust me. Me complaining on a blog would be the last of their worries.

I had one that just couldn't seem to take no for an answer. Then when the fourth texted me earlier today, I just couldn't take it. Thus, the blog post. If it offended you, tough $#!* The only people that know who I'm talking about are you and me. Just don't jump in over your head, and expect me to bend over backwards at your convenience to bail you out. In fact, that was really the whole point about planning ahead and charging your clients in advance for rentals. It's the 5-P rule: Proper planning prevents poor performance.

So am I still an a$$hole? Yeah in certain circumstances I am... Just take this experience and think twice before you ask someone to borrow gear for a job you should have just referred that person to to start with.Either that, or plan ahead in your pricing to cover rentals.

If you're stuck out somewhere and can't find your way home, you can still call me and ask me how to get back. If you're car's broke down, I'll still help you. Need a couch to sleep on? I've got a spare bedroom with a double bed. Need my lawnmower? Sure. Take it. Just have it back by next Thursday so I can mow the lawn again - and be sure to fill it back up with gas. =)



Ezra said...

Just wanted to say that I truly do appreciate the time you spent helping me with my photography. I learned 9/10ths of what I know from attending the meetups both from advice and practical application. A coworker Friday said my photos are phenomenal which I think is more a compliment to you and the others you got to attend the meetups.

This situation reminds me of the complications which arise when loaning money to friends. What is good for business probably is not for keeping friends. What is good for a friendship is not good for keeping a business. This is the kind of area fraught with others feeling hurt.

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