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I'm from the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. I was a woodworker for about 12 years. Well, up until I had the rug pulled out from under my feet, and I was laid off. I got back into photography in 2008 and decided to give that a try professionally, but haven't made any money so far because rednecks, white trash, and hicks are cheap. So, I'm working in a local grocery store where some days I hear and see the craziest stuff. I tend to complain a lot about things, but I'm too poor to afford a good therapist. So, I decided to make a blog and complain online to all of you instead. But I digress. I really just wanted to do the blog to share ideas and stories with the interwebz. =D
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here's a No Brainer...

After mistaking the neighbor's donkey for a Tusken Raider's war cry tonight, I came to the following conclusion:

Tusken Raiders would make terrible neighbors.

1. They'd probably be up yelling all night long.
2. Random bursts of weapons fire.
3. All the crap in their yards from the raids they had been out on.
4. All that Bantha crap everywhere.
5. They'd probably steal items from off of your porch or your tool shed. Don't leave your car or speeder unlocked in the driveway.

Now that I think about it... It actually wouldn't be much different than living here in rural Georgia. Sandpeople are really just inter-galactic white trash.

It's just a thought. =)



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